Become part of London’s fastest growing African Restaurant Chain

Tasty African Food has 14 branches across London and Kent. Our success is based on hard work, good relationships and strategic investments.

Training and support
Prior to launching their own businesses, we provide franchisees with intensive training on how to operate and manage an African restaurant and/or takeaway outlet. This is included in the franchising package at no extra cost. After launching we provide continuous management and operational support to ensure all franchises comply with our food quality, hygiene and customer service standards.

Brand Strength
Tasty African was established in year 2000 and has grown in size and strength over the years to become a house hold name for African food lovers in London and Kent. Our online and offline advertising activities are focused on increased brand awareness beyond local service areas. A percentage of the franchise fee and gross sales is invested in our advertising and marketing efforts which franchisees will benefit from. The awards, recognitions and certifications we have received over the years will also be inherited by franchisees.

Minimised Risk (Tested Models)
We have tested several business models over the years in order to identify the most profitable strategies to adopt. This thoroughly researched and fine tuned business template, coupled with continuous business support will ensure minimal risk and reduce the difficult learning curve of operating a new business.

Procurement Advantage
Working with a host of local and international suppliers, we have built valuable relationships and an efficient supply chain. The head office manages purchase of food, packaging, equipment and technology across all branches. Franchises can benefit from existing relationships and economies of scale.

Established standards and quality
Our food products are of high quality and this is maintained across branches. We are able to achieve this through a closely monitored manufacturing process in our Belvedere and Kencot factories. This quality and standard also extends to our branch premises and customer service. It took a while to get us here, so it saves franchisee a lot of time and trouble to achieve these levels of quality. We carry out regular checks to ensure there is no compromise.

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