White rice and mild stew or hot ofada stew, jollof rice and fried rice enjoy with your favourite meat and side


White Rice with mild Stew or Ofada Stew

Cooked long grain white rice served with mild tomato stew or very spicy Ofada stew also called Ayamase or designer stew. The Ofada stew is a combination of very spicy seasoning and assorted meat & fish (beef, shaki (cow tripe), dried fish and stock fish). Habanero and green bell peppers are used for preparing the stew.


Jollof Rice

A popular Nigerian meal enjoyed by Africans and non-Africans. It is prepared with long grain or basmati white rice mixed with tomato stew and seasoning (spiced to taste). Can be topped with fried beef, assorted meat, fish or chicken.


Fried Rice

This party favourite is blend of pre-cooked long grain or basmati rice and vegetables (carrot, green beans, sweet corn etc.), friend with vegerable oil and seasoned to taste. Can be topped with beef, fish, chicken or any other preferred meat.