…with a choice of Pounded Yam, Amala or Eba



Native to southern and eastern Nigeria (Igbos and Yorubas), the melon seed (Egusi) soup is perfectly combined with pumpkin leaves or spinach and red palm oil, and garnished with stock fish to give a thick yet easy going feel. Enjoy with beef (preferred), fish or chicken.


Okro (Okra) Soup

This very easy to prepare Nigerian soup is prepared with two main vegetables – Okra and Spinach. The Hausa’s in Nigeria call it Miyan Kubewa and it is best enjoyed when garnished with shreds of iced, dry or stock fish and Beef meat. Okro soup can also be prepared with Ogbono to make it thicker.



Indigenous to the Yoruba people of western Nigeria, Ewedu soup is made with blended Ewedu leaves (corchorus olitorius) and served with tomato stew and enjoyed assorted meat.



Native to western Nigeria, this soup is rich in vegetables (spinach, water leaf or pumpkin leaves). Best prepared with assorted meat such as beef, shaki (cow stripe), and fish such as smoked fish, dry fish or stock fish. Palm oil and crayfish are vital ingredients for this soup.



Popularly called draw soup, ogbono soup is probably the easiest soup to eat Eba (garri) or pounded yam with because its slimy nature enables effortless swallows. Although it can be prepared plain, most people add vegetable (spinach or pumpkin leaf) and garnish it with assorted meat and fish.


Bitter Leaf Soup

Native to the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria, this soup is prepared with thoroughly washed bitter leaves to ensure that it doesn’t taste bitter as the name may imply. Coco yam can be used to make it thick as well as dry or stock fish. Stewed meat can enhance the taste too.