IF you’re out for a drink, or just feel peckish We’ve got you! Try one of our special dishes


Grilled Croaka Fish

The magic is in the sauce – and no, we won’t tell you our recipe just yet. This finger licking delicacy is prepared by marinating the croaker fish for as long as possible to ensure it soaks up the peppered sauce and then grilled at the right temperature until fully cooked inside-out.


Fresh Fish (Tilapia) Pepper Soup

Freshly cooked Tilapia fish doesn’t taste anywhere better than in steaming hot pepper soup. As the name implies, chilli pepper is the main ingredient for this special soup. Can be eating at any time of the day and enjoyed with a cold drink.


Fresh Fish and Yam Pepper Soup

Add cooked sweet white yam to our specially prepared fresh fish pepper soup and you are in for a treat.