Meat Pie

Our meat pies are made of flour with minced meat, carrots and potatoes, well seasoned to taste.


Puff Puff

Puff puff is the most popular Nigerian snack you can eat at any time of the day. It is a simple mix of flour, yeast, sugar and other seasoning. As a starter, this bouncy, spherical snack leaves you yearning for the main meal.


Moin Moin

This is a popular Nigerian dish made with grounded beans, onions and peppers. It can be eaten alongside Jollof or Fried rice, or on its own as a snack or starter.


Gizzard on a Stick

Popularly called nze-nze by Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria, this revered part of a chicken is such a delicacy to start off with. Thread on a stick and garnished with vegetables to give a balanced feel, gizzards are prepared mid-spicy with the right amount of seasoning.


Peri Peri Chicken

Whole chicken legs fried and dressed with peri peri sauce. Quite hot and enjoyed on its own or as part of a main meal.



Made by grilling fillets of the best part of beef, this spicy starter is known for its famous Suya spice. Suya is mostly prepared by skilful Hausa men in Nigeria know as mai-suya and is best enjoyed with a cold drink or as a prelude to the main course.